Graduation and Expectations

Rainshadow students are expected to have their game face on! We are an alternative learning environment that is community based and project oriented. While we encourage creativity and the freedom of expression, we also have set expectations students must meet in order to reach graduation.

Rainshadow students earn 22.5 credits in specific areas in order to earn a regular high school diploma. Each class completed here is 0.5 credits towards the 22.5. That means students will need to successfully complete at least 45 classes during their high school career (there are options for those interested in pursuing an advanced diploma). Of these credits, 6.5 are elective credits and 16 credits (that’s 32 classes) target specific areas. Student schedules are designed to allow students the maximum amount of freedom of choice while still meeting the requirements of Nevada State standards and providing a regular high school diploma. Students who are not using their school day appropriately are ultimately not earning credit.

Classes run for either a quarter (9 weeks) or a semester (18 weeks), but classes are not considered complete until the end of the semester. This means transcripts will not reflect completed coursework until the end of the current semester. Students in our community are expected to be a part of our community for the entire academic year unless other arrangements have been made.
Classes run for different amounts of time. As a result, meeting the 90% attendance rule mandated by state law looks different for each class. We encourage all students to be here everyday and on time. We will work with students to make up missed assignments. We have a policy in place for students to make up not only assignments, but also the mandatory seat time necessary to earn credit.

For more information, questions, or to request a student handbook, contact feel free to contact us at anytime.