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The Rainshadow Community

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Community gives a person roots. At Rainshadow, students find a sense of belonging. We have found students participate more enthusiastically and learn more effectively when they have that sense of belonging to a community that is inviting, energizing, supportive and safe.

Our school community provides a safe and supervised environment where students can socialize, learn and be themselves. It is the springboard from which students can begin looking at education as something they not only need, but also a process they really want to participate in. Universal respect  Everyone is accepted and respected as they are, but sometimes behaviors have to be shaped to allow everyone to function together and support a true learning environment. Being a part of the school community helps students realize the value of the larger community they live in and ultimately the world community they are rapidly becoming responsible for.

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In our small school community, students can take risks, make mistakes and challenge their previous beliefs about themselves, other adults and the world in general. Students are taught to self-advocate and to value their own beliefs while learning from others. They have the opportunity to take what they are learning and apply it to field trips, projects, volunteer work and paid employment. Through the use of the Internet, our students are also connecting with the world at large and learning from other people in different countries.

We partner with other local groups and organizations to give our students a broader base to work from and expand the resources we can offer each student. The community has been very supportive of Rainshadow and our students. It is our goal to always give back through our art, poetry, music, service work and other creative endeavors of our students. Most of all, we want to give back by turning out well-educated students who graduate and feel empowered to take on the challenges that await them.