The Rainshadow curriculum works to create student engagement. We believe that learning is a self-directed, internal process. Our philosophy of teaching involves creating situations in which students can find where they most need to grow through localized interdisciplinary exploration.

This places students in “autRCCHS Fund Raiser-1935_jpghentic learning situations”: events that allow students to become involved in the learning process for their own purposes; rather than simply satisfying the requirements of the school, district or state. Authentic learning situations empower students by giving them ownership of their learning process. Teachers create curriculum that is tailored to provide relevant information, direction, support and model learning behavior for their students. By becoming empowered, students accept responsibility for discovering appropriate and adequate tools for resolving the problems they confront.

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Localized interdisciplinary exploration is built on the idea that the most effective and long lasting learning occurs when students are motivated, by either their need or curiosity. Necessity and curiosity create “buy in” and buy in leads to genuine involvement in the learning process.

Rainshadow is a place where the most reluctant students will find reasons to become engaged in learning. Our mission is to show students the power of the knowledge and skills they acquire, and how these can be applied in a real world setting to accomplish goals. Community gives young people roots, and knowledge gives them wings. At Rainshadow, we are dedicated to moving students towards the final goal of graduating with the tools to succeed in their life aspirations.